Report of the regional conference in Lahti 16-17.9.2017


By: RD Jorma Sinkkilä and RS Veikko Juvonen

The regional convention of Finland Balticum was arranged in Lahti this year. This lively city is situated 100 km north of Helsinki with good railway and highway connections.

Al together 62 people participated the convention. International leadership consisted of AP Svein Håvåg from Norway, mentor Jacob Kristensen from Denmark, RD Aleksey Vasiljev from Russia and Stein and Solveig Gjeruldsen from Norway. Also, Mr Adam Ryhlick, YMCA Europe and Mrs Jenni Enqvist YMCA Finland participated the meeting.


Official meeting in the parish center of Lahti on Saturday 16.9.

RD Jorma Sinkkilä opened the meeting wishing the participants welcome.  At first, he invited Area President Svein Håvåg to carry out the chartering of the new Y's Men's Club Wellamo Lahti. AP Svein Håvåg carried out the chartering and congratulated the new members giving them the membership pins and certifications together with RD Jorma Sinkkilä. After chartering AP Svein Håvåg addressed the new club and audience.

Mentor Jacob Kristensen gave a presentation "Welcome to Y's Men's Movement" that was specially directed to the new members.

After chartering the official meeting was started with Tor Bäckman as the chairman and Veikko Juvonen as the secretary. The official matters of activity and economical reports and membership fees were handled fluently. The new board was chosen and AP Svein Håvåg carried out the official change of the leaders and addressed the board. The board includes following persons:

RD:Jorma Sinkkilä, RS: Veikko Juvonen, RDE:Piia Karro-Selg, RDEE Jani Lindroos,
RT: Esko Vepsä, DG Latvia: Ieva Vibante, DG: Estonia: Mikko Selg, DG Lithuania:Rita Juozapaitiene,
DG Fin: Veikko Juvonen.

Heikki Metsälampi will take the responsibility of the Regional Treasure Next year.


Cruising and dinner at lake Vesijärvi

On Saturday evening the participants made a cruising on the lake of Vesijärvi. The autumn weather favored the cruising and all participants enjoyed the delicious dinner and music and singing.  During the cruising PAP Ineta Krumina gave presentation of the Area Convention 2017 of Cesis, Pärnu club gave presentation of their local activities and charity projects.
Adam Ryhlick told about the relations of YMCA and Y's Mens clubs in Europe emphasizing the continuous development of cooperation. Mrs Jenni Enqvist brought her regards from YMCA Finland and told about the ongoing projects

Sunday Service in Church of Cross

The Service on Sunday morning took place in Church of Cross, Lahti. The meeting participants were wished welcome to the service and they also participated into the Communion.  After Service the participants still had common coffee serving with the parishioners after which the meeting was closed