Y's Men Area Europe

Area Europe is a unit consisting of the five Y’s Men Regions Central / South, Denmark, Finland / Batic, Norway and Russia
Area Europe counts 275 Clubs with 5827 members.

Area Europe shall encourage co-orinate promote and maintain the work of Y's Men International betveen the Rogions fo the Area. Our Area will from 1 july 2018 have three out of fifteen representatives ind the Intenational Council.

A group of support persons (service directors) is every year appointed to have focus on specific tasks connected to Area objectives.The Area Leadership group consists of Area President (AP), Area President Elect (APE) and the Past Area President (PAP). Each of these positions are held for one year. That means that they remain in the leadership group for three years.
Together with the Area Treasurer and Area Secretary, who normally stay in their positions for a longer period, the leadership group makes out the executive unit for Area Europe.


Every second year there is an Area Convention somewhere in Europe where members can meet for inspiration and fellowship.